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Custom Website Design & Development

We build websites for every type of business, whether you offer products or services, or are an online store.


We Build your Business, not just your Website

Idea Marketing specializes in website design and development, and we pride ourselves on our ability to create custom, optimized websites that are innovative and proven to grow our clients’ businesses. We are committed to finding productive solutions that can work within any budget. Check out our portfolio to see more!

For any company in the digital age, having a website is a vital component to running a successful business. Websites attract customers, add credibility, and allow for complete professional control over a company’s brand. At Idea Marketing, we want to make the website design process as simple and affordable as possible. Get your free quote today!


We build websites for every type of business, whether you offer products or services, or are an online store.

  • Business Websites inform your visitors about who you are and what you do. Business websites are designed to showcase your products and services and encourage your customers to engage with your company.
  • E-Commerce Stores are online marketplaces where your visitors can purchase your products directly from your website. ECommerce websites are designed to manage business operations such as inventory and secure payment methods.

Of course there are an infinite number of other website designs, from blogs to booking sites, and at Idea Marketing, we work directly with our clients to create entirely custom websites that meet all of their specific business needs.

To make a website effective and successful, it has to be:


the first thing your visitors will notice is the look of your website. You want to make sure the layout is clean, the colours are coordinated, and the content is clear and readable.


your visitors will not stay on your website if you do not give them a reason to. Captivating content will educate, entertain, and inspire your customers, encouraging conversions and brand loyalty.


your visitors need to be able to navigate your website easily so that they can find what they need. Slow response times, unclear features, and confusing layouts will drive potential customers away. The less time your visitors spend on figuring out your website, the more time they will spend making conversions!

Laptop Showing Website Design For Mèche

Our websites are designed
to succeed in the online world

Responsive Design

we create websites that work well and look good on every device and platform

SEO Optimized

SEO optimization ensures that you are getting maximum visibility online so that your potential clients can find you easily

Fast Loading

consumer experience is our top priority, so all our websites are as quick to load as possible

Smartphone Showing Website Design For Mèche

Structure that sells

we create websites that encourage visitors to engage with your company by emphasizing a central call-to-action (CTA) in the design

No Monthly Fees

once we launch your website or e-shop, it is yours to keep, completely free of charge

Easy to Maintain

most of our websites are created with WordPress, a software that makes editing your website simple and easy for the future

Website Design and Development: The Process

Our quick and simple 6-step approach



We begin with basic information gathering in order to get a feel for your business and its current needs. Tell us what products and services you provide, your target audience, and your competition (along with anything else that might help us to help you!) From there, we’ll take the reins so that you can focus on the features that are most important to your business.



Web Design

Our favourite phase! At this point, we let our creativity get the best of us as we experiment with colours, typography, and features until we discover a cohesive design that perfectly represents and serves your brand. We want to help you stand out amongst the noise, and in the digital realm, uniqueness is king!




We know that working with a website can seem intimidating, especially if you have no experience. This is why our packages include complete training sessions so that your team is fully confident in their ability to edit text, change or upload media, and generally understand how your website operates behind the scenes. Your website should work well for you, so why not be confident that you can work well with your website?



The discovery phase allows us to dive in a little deeper to your business goals, budget, and timeline, so that we can make an effective design and development plan that meets your business needs. We take your design ideas and suggestions into account, as well as analyze your competition in order to create a strong foundation for your website.



Web Development

The development phase is where all your hard work pays off. The design comes to life in the form of a fully functioning website, which we rigorously test to make sure that every function, feature, and link works as advertised for the best user experience possible. We ensure that the website is smooth, fully optimized, and ready to go.




The final step of the process is to make sure that your website is everything that you wanted and more. We go through a rigorous formal testing process, incorporate feedback, and add the final touches to your site to make it optimized for success. Then, it’s time for the online world to see your business the way it was meant to be seen!


Website Design for Any Budget

Building a website can seem like a confusing and expensive process, but it doesn’t have to be.

At Idea Marketing, our wealth of experience has given us the tools to be able to create effective results no matter the size of your budget. Whether it’s using a pre-designed website template instead of building a custom site from scratch, or choosing select components of your website to prioritize, we are 100% committed to finding a solution that meets every client’s needs. A limited budget should not equal a limited experience. Contact us for your free website quote!