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Pay per click campaigns are one of the most effective paid digital marketing methods


PPC Services

Increasing traffic to your website organically through search engine optimization techniques is a great way to start marketing your business, but it can be a slow process that takes a long time to show results. By running well-structured and effective pay per click (PPC) campaigns, as well as other advertising techniques, we can help put your website into optimal advertising slots and start building you a serious customer base right away.

Process Of Ppc Campaigns

Pay per click advertising

Pay per click campaigns are one of the most effective paid digital marketing methods to get your website noticed on search engines, and at Idea Marketing, we are experts at running intelligent strategies that will get you the most value for your money.

The premise of PPC is that in return for displaying your website in one of the search engine’s highly valuable sponsored advertising spots, you pay a small fee every time a visitor clicks on it. When we run your PPC campaign, we focus on ensuring that your ad is as high quality as possible, and that we are using it to target the right audiences.

PPC Campaign services include:

Keyword Research

we structure PPC campaigns around keywords - words that visitors type into a search engine in the hopes of finding a website like yours. Our ad campaigns bid money on keywords indicating the highest dollar amount that we are willing to pay for a click. Choosing the most relevant, specific, and smart keywords, their match types, their keyword groups, and of course, their dollar bid, is fundamental to running a successful PPC campaign.

Landing Pages

when a visitor clicks on your PPC link, we want to ensure they are landing at the most relevant part of your website according to their keyword search. We create landing pages that are optimized, relevant to your customers, and that include strong calls to action, which results in higher conversion rates and a great return on investment.

Quality Score Optimization

we make sure your website is primed to do well in the search engine’s “auction” process by raising your quality score. Search engines do not just decide who gets the top spot by the highest bid, but also by how relevant, engaging, and valuable your content is (also known as your quality score). This is just as, if not more important, than how much money you are bidding on your keywords, because the higher your score, the less the search engine is going to charge you for clicks. What is most important all around is that potential customers are shown the best ad, not the most expensive one.

Campaign Monitoring

we regularly keep up to date with the campaigns we are running to ensure that they are making the most effective use of your time and money. This involves steps such as continuously updating your campaign’s keyword list, including blackballing words which are negatively impacting your campaign, reviewing expensive keywords which are not performing well enough, splitting your ads into more targeted groups, and updating your landing page content to ensure it is keeping up with your customer’s needs.

PPC Campaigns: The Process

Our quick and simple 4-step approach



We begin by sitting down with you and establishing your business needs and the goals we want to set for your campaign. We take a look at the quality of your website and any ongoing campaigns you may already have in order to set the course moving forward. 



Campaign Creation

Once we have a plan in place, we set it in motion! We use AdWords to place bids on your keywords, create campaigns and groupings, and optimize your landing pages so that when users click on your ad, they arrive at a page which gives them exactly what they need.



During discovery, we conduct a lot of keyword research and competition analysis, as ad campaigns are all about who you’re up against. We also explore your budget further and establish where to allocate your funds and what price you should set your bids at. We want to make sure we are selecting the most valuable keywords and phrases for your website to ensure that your campaign sees as much success as possible.


Campaign Monitoring

Ad campaigns do not exist to be created and then left to work because they are all about experimentation and improvement. Your company, audience, and content will all evolve over time, as will your campaigns, and we see it as our job to ensure that the PPCs we run are working for you as best as they can. You will receive timely PPC reports so that you can keep up to date on your campaign’s progress exactly as it is happening, as we work to optimize your keywords list, update your landing pages, and organize your content in a way that works best for you.



There are of course many other ways to market your business, both on and offline. Social media marketing campaigns through platforms such as Instagram Promotions and Facebook Ads can offer excellent targeted exposure to your customer base, and we would love to discuss the social apps and mediums that make the most sense for your business. We offer a variety of graphic design services to create a consistent, cohesive, and engaging social media presence, as well as all your print marketing needs, such as business cards, flyers, and brochures. 

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PPC Pricing

When it comes to advertising, bidding high is not the only thing that matters.

We are passionate about growing our clients’ business and finding advertising solutions that work for them, no matter their budget.  We love to work directly with our clients to figure out the best use of their campaign budgets, regardless of size – this always includes a free quote with every package. Contact us now to see how best we can advertise your website and get you the customer base you deserve!



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