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Your business may already have an existing website that is instead in need of a new web redesign.

Revamp your website with our Website Redesign Services

What are website redesign services?

While we are experts at designing and developing brand new websites, your business may already have an existing website that is in need of an upgrade, you’ve come to the right place. Our Vancouver-based website redesign services are the perfect opportunity to take a look at your existing website, identify the parts that don’t work or are outdated, and update the website’s design and functionality to increase your conversion rate and profitability. 

With our free website audit, you can get a personalized website redesign report from a certified web design specialist, who will conduct an in-depth analysis of your current website and tell you exactly where it’s letting you down – completely free of charge!

Upgrade Your Business

Improve Your Company Both On and Offline

Opting for a website redesign services will allow you to restructure and optimize your business website to put your users’ experience first, translating into an improved conversion rate and a professional representation of your business. 

We take the time to really get to know your business, which is why our professional website redesign services have successfully transformed the digital presence of many of our clients in Vancouver and all around the world.

Does your Website need a Redesign?

How to Know if a Website Redesign is Right For You

The beauty of a website redesign services is that you do not need to start from scratch and lose all the content you have worked so hard to curate. At Idea Marketing, we will work with you every step of the way to ensure that the best of your past work informs the future of your brand.

Why to get website redesign? Website redesign services may be the right move for your business if:

A website redesign may be the right move for your business if:

  • You are rebranding
  • Your website looks outdated
  • Your website loads slowly or lags a lot
  • Your user experience needs improvement
  • Your search ranking has gone down
  • Your bounce rate has gone up
  • Fewer visitors are making conversions
  • Your business needs have expanded to include features your website doesn’t have

Website Redesign Features

Enjoy Updated Features of Website Redesign Services Such As:

Attractive Design

Your website’s look will be updated to match the professional standards of your industry and especially to appeal to your visitors.

Engaging Interface

A new presentational layout with compelling content and calls to action will encourage your users to interact with your website and stick around longer.

Improved User Experience

Your new website will operate quickly and smoothly, with everything designed with your users in mind.

New Features and Functions

Your new website will include a fully updated set of functions to match all of your business needs and more.

Custom Website Redesign Services

Get an Updated Website That is Custom Built Specifically For Your Business

Your website redesign will be tailor made from the ground up to make sure it is serving your business goals in the exact way your company requires.

Custom Website Redesign Features:

  • Custom Design – Every web page and visual element will be created from scratch so that your new website is personalized to your exact requirements
  • Rebranding – Part of redesigning your website is reintroducing yourself to your customers with a new look, which includes an updated logo, typography, and colour palette
  • Unlimited Revisions – Your redesigned website will not be handed off to you until the results exceed your expectations, regardless of how many revisions it takes
  • SSL Certificate – Your redesigned website will be safely secured with a Secure Sockets Layer certificate, which will encrypt your data and help protect your site from cyber attacks
  • Custom Functions – Any features or functions your new website requires – from a blog to an e-commerce cart – will be integrated seamlessly into your website to meet all of your business needs

Your Website Redesign Will Be:

  • Responsive – Your redesigned website will work perfectly on all devices, including mobiles and tablets
  • Loading Fast – Your new web pages will load as quickly as possible to ensure a positive user experience
  • Structured – The navigation and structure of your new website will be built in a way that guides your users effortlessly through their customer journey, and encourages them to interact with you along the way
  • Optimized – Your website will be redesigned with search engine optimization in mind for a platform that is easy for search engines to index and understand
  • Free to Own – Once we complete and hand off your new website, it is yours forever to use as you wish, with no recurring fees
  • Easy to Maintain – Your redesigned website will come with training on how to easily edit, update, and maintain it in the long run without outside help – no technical skills required!

Frequantly Asked Questions

The main difference between the two is that a website refresh is primarily cosmetic, focusing mainly on the look of your website, while a website redesign goes deeper and fixes the code and structure of your website as well.

During our initial consultation, we’ll conduct a free website audit to see what’s working for you and what isn’t, and with that data we’ll be able to determine how much of your current site is worth keeping. Any content or pages you are especially attached to can stay as well – everything is up for discussion!

As with any custom project, this depends on a number of factors. As a rule, simple redesigns can be completed within 2-4 weeks, while bigger, more complicated projects will take between 4-12 weeks.

We primarily choose to do our redesigns on the WordPress platform. There are many reasons we love WordPress, but we have found it works particularly well for our clients when it comes to customization and easy maintenance. There is of course the odd situation where we mutually decide to use a different platform for your redesign.

Absolutely! Website redesigns are a big undertaking, and we don’t want to hand you a website that will need another redesign in no time because you aren’t able to edit and update it. We will train your team on the incredibly easy process of editing your website upon project completion.

Website Redesign: The Process

Our quick and simple 6-step approach:



We begin with a complimentary website audit wherein we take an in depth look at your business’ website in its current state and analyze what is and isn’t working. We look at things such as user experience, navigability, SEO, and Google Analytics if you have data available for analysis. We get to know what business needs you want your new website to meet and what you believe the most valuable changes will be.



The discovery phase goes more in depth into project scope, budget, and timeline. We take all the consultation data and business suggestions we have gathered and research your competition to ensure we are going into the redesign as prepared as possible.



The fun part! During this phase, we get creative with new layouts, new visuals, and reorganization of content until we find the perfect design that encapsulates the new direction of your brand. We want to design a website that will stand out and make an impactful online impression in your market.


Web Development

During this phase, we optimize and redevelop your website’s existing code in order to fix the issues that were preventing it reaching its full potential in the past. We apply the new design, layouts, and content, and rigorously test every change to ensure that your site is the smoothest and most user friendly it’s ever been.



Maintaining a website can seem like a daunting task, especially to someone who has never worked with one before. At Idea Marketing, we completely understand, and therefore include training sessions on editing, modifying, and operating your newly redesigned website so that you can keep up to date on providing your users the best customer experience possible.



Lastly, we complete our final tests, triple check feedback, and make sure everything about your new website is perfectly optimized and ready to go. When we are convinced that your expectations have been exceeded, we hand over the reins. It’s time to reintroduce yourself to the online world!

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