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Increase Your Web Traffic Organically

At Idea Marketing, we have expertise in website design and development. However, having an attractive website is pointless if it is not optimized for search engines. As Vancouver SEO Specialists, we create websites with SEO in mind, ensuring they leave a digital impression exactly where your customers are searching. Securing a top position on search engine results pages increases visibility and attracts a broader audience to your website. We provide comprehensive SEO services, making the entire process effortless and highly efficient for you.

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Vancouver Seo Specialist Uses All Elements Of Seo: Analysis, Content, Traffic, Website, Ranking

Improve Your Organic search rankings

There are many ways to improve your website’s online visibility, such as through paid advertising, however our SEO services implemented in Vancouver and beyond, will bring you quality organic traffic and improve your overall website experience – without all the added fees.

Put your brand right in front of the customers who need you most!

The Effects of a Great SEO Strategy

➡︎ Your website gets closer to the top of the search engine results 

➡︎ Your web traffic visibility is increased 

➡︎ More users click on your website to see what you’re about

➡︎ Your conversions climb and your revenue increases

Climb to the Top of the Rankings

By creating engaging, high quality SEO content writing that focuses on your business’ keywords, your company’s website will be easy for search engines to crawl, index, and rank. We are here to make the process as easy and effective as possible!

Why Do You Need SEO?

Get to the TOP of Google with Vancouver SEO Specialist

Optimizing your website for search engines has substantial benefits that you won’t want to miss out on.

1. Increase Your Visibility Online

A good SEO strategy will help search engines better understand the information your website provides and encourage them to display it higher on their results pages. The closer you are to the top search result, the more users will be exposed to your website.

2. Get Noticed By Your Target Audience

Search engine optimization allows you to target your visibility specifically to audiences that actually want your products and services. High quality traffic is better than high quantity traffic, but with SEO, you get both!

3. Build Your Business’ Credibility

The more prominent your business’ website is on the search engines, the more credible your brand will appear in the eyes of your audience. Search engines will also view your website as a more authoritative source.

4. Improve Your User Experience

Good SEO and a good user experience go hand in hand, as search engines display the smoothest websites with the highest quality content before all others. If your website works for your users, it will work for the search engines. 

5. Increase Your Conversion Rate

Search engine optimization increases the quality of your web traffic so that when users visit your site, they are more likely to convert into engaged customers who will take action.

6. Establish Your Website Long Term ​

An effective SEO strategy takes time to implement, but its effects are long lasting. Your website will establish a lengthy relationship with the search engines that will make it a significant authority in your industry for years.

Vancouver SEO Services

Make Your Website a Search Engine’s Best Friend

The best search engine optimization methods are a collective of small changes that add up to make a big impact, all without paying a dollar in advertising fees! Most of these optimization techniques are not even visible to the average user and are instead programmed into your website’s code. SEO services that we provide, including comprehensive on-page optimization and off-page optimization, include:

On-Page SEO

We specialize in writing SEO content and structuring it on your website to align perfectly with the keywords your customer base is searching for. Search engines highly value high-quality content, and having your website filled with it will substantially aid your ranking.

Meta tags are small pieces of descriptive text within your website’s source code which describe what your content is about. By customizing these tags to tailor to your keywords and audience, we can help search engines index your site more effectively.

Title tags are the first piece of information search engine visitors see when making a search. We make title tags which are attention grabbing, informative, and concise that match up to your page’s content and bring traffic to your website.

We create page URLs which are short, clear, and contain your keywords so that search engines will rank your pages higher.

Off-Page SEO

Search engines are not the only way to receive clicks. Content that is shared and promoted on social media channels can gain you traction to your website and enhance your credibility in the process

Any website which provides a link to yours within their content gives you backlinks. The more websites that link to you, the more search engines recognize you as a valuable information source, and rank you higher. We can help gain you backlinks through honest and trusted methods.

Technical SEO

We make well-organized, flat structure websites (in other words, every page is as few internal links away from any other page as possible) to greatly improve navigation. This makes not only for an enhanced user experience, but also allows search engines to crawl your website much easier.

Through running tests and reports, internal linking, and XML Site Mapping, we can determine which of your web pages are not being picked up by search engines, and fix them.

By optimizing coding, browser caching, minimizing redirects, and other methods, we can help your pages load faster which creates a much more desirable user experience and drastically reduces bounce rates.

We create websites that work effectively across all devices, which is something that search engines and users alike value extremely highly. Adaptable layouts and visuals will make your content accessible no matter what device it is being accessed from.

Technical SEO

Increase your visibility to audiences in your area

Your Google business profile will be optimized for local SEO, ensuring users nearby easily find you when conducting local searches. 

If your business has multiple locations, separate location pages on your website will attract audiences in the right areas.

Keywords related to your location, such as “Vancouver” will be integrated into your tags and content for more specific searches.

Optimizing your Audience

Make Your Website a Search Engine’s Best Friend

Seo marketing is not simply an effort to increase your visibility, but to increase your conversion rates as well.

With our SEO process, your website will receive visitors of quality as well as quantity, so that your website will be shown to users based on what they are actively searching for.

We take great care in selecting your keywords, tailoring your content, and making sure the customers who arrive at your site are there to stay, so that you don’t need to waste your website on users who are not interested in it.

Frequantly Asked Questions

Like with most things, it depends, but a good estimate is typically 6 months to a year to see real results. SEO is based on so many factors, and you also have to consider how saturated the competition is in your particular space. The more specific your search term, the quicker you’ll rank for it, but the more broad (and therefore competitive) your keywords, the longer it will take to make an impact.

That’s ok! Keyword research is part of the process, and will help you not just identify what words to use, but also what type of problems your users are searching for when they look for you.

Search engines like Google use complex algorithms based on hundreds of factors to decide where to rank your site, which means there’s no straight answer. However, certain factors such as your links, content quality, and dwell time, are given more importance than others.

SEO efforts are not a quick fix to your web traffic problems, but over time, they will certainly help substantially. Your competition is likely still seen as more “authoritative” than you by the search engines, which can take some time to change. Keep consistent with your SEO, and with time, you’ll start to see significant measurable results.

As with most options in the marketing space, both have their place, however as a long term solution, SEO is the clear winner, especially when taking budget into consideration. SEO should always be the long-term goal, but short term, targeted, and effective PPC campaigns can draw in a lot of traffic when you don’t feel like waiting around so much.

Search Engine Optimization: The Process

Our simple 4-step approach:



The first step of any Idea Marketing SEO plan is our free website audit, in which we analyze your current website to see where the most effective changes can be made in order to improve your SEO. We sit down with you and discuss our findings and your goals so that we can begin to work on a strategy to move forward.



In the discovery phase, we conduct keyword research, by analyzing your competition and rankings for where you want to be found. We also solidify which areas of your SEO to focus on, as well as discussing your budget and timeline.



After a game plan has been established, we get to work on improving your search engine rankings! Whether this involves on-page optimization or back linking, our team goes through the tasks of improving everything from your site’s code to its content in an effort to out-rank the competition.



As SEO is an ongoing process, we will keep monitoring your website’s status and progress based on the parameters outlined in your plan. You will be provided with timely reports in order to keep up to date with your rankings, and you will get to see your improvements in real time!


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